Paradox of Life


A future dependant on your presence in the present.

What a Paradox isn’t it?

In the present, I am to be here,

With no thought of the future,

However, it is our now, that defines our  will be then.

Our past but dead and gone,

Not so dead as you think so,

Its form shapes our now,

Don’t say how,

 As you see the shadows of the past,

The image of today’s plight is cast,

As if like written on the sands of time.

As you see so it unfolds,

The saga of life,

The same for all young or old,

Timid or bold,

Rich or Poor, strong or sick.


Sow, carefully the heap you can reap,


What makes you happy now,

 Should sum up to what will make you happy in times to come,

To win the ball game of life is when you get the math right.

So dear friend, pause and think before you drink ,

The overdose of the lethal drink,

 Exciting cocktails, spiced with enticing roles coated with falsities,

Be it greed, or power, or fame,

All the vices for which mankind is game.

So attractive, are they, that their dark side, is hidden,

 under the brazen light of excitement.

As the light wears away, so unfolds the darkness,

 Dawning on the taker, to deal with,

A space so dark, where no light penetrates.

For today will turn to yesterday, when the morrow comes,

And tomorrow will come in all its glory,

Demanding of you to pick up what’s your due,

Of rosy hues,

Or the inky blues.

So, intoxicated as we are, in our world, made up of our memories,

That we act in accordance to their patterns deep within,

Goading us on to a world that is false.

Act with a pact,

 To pause before you react.

 Let your inner light in, dispel the darkness,

shrouded by false visions of your perceptions.

 Dearies choose your today, in conscious light,

So, as to have the privilege of following it  on your last flight.


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