A voice from within

Thank you Rajenbhai.


As I listened to your talk on Avidya, this is what came from within.


The bells of the temple at home ring into me a sense of being,

Grounding me into me where I belong,

Here deep down within,

Deep I calls out to Deepi,

You’ll know you are far away,

From your belonging,

When you experience utmost joy,

Leaving you a feeling of experiencing it again,

When pain knocks at your door, asking to be let in,

And you shirk it, and refuse to let it in.

When you get angry and justify it thus appeasing your ego.

When excitement gets the better of you,

Prompting you on to a land away from yours.

Then the light in your life disappears,

Not because there is no light,

But because you can’t see it.

Blinded are you,

And you don’t know it.

Then my dear, pause and look within,

You’ll see your true self, unattached and pure,

Prompting you all along,

Joy and happiness enjoy them till it lasts,

They are yours at the moment, enjoy and let go.

No asking for more.

Sorrow knocking, let it in,

Don’t shirk it,

Befriend it in the moment,

It too shall pass.

Anger is not you, so don’t succumb to it,

Pause and say I’m sorry,

Your cheque is not for me to sign.

Excitement is a ball game, a fragment of the unreal,  so let go of it.

Merge into me your true self, and remember that everything seen is not to be merged in.

The seer and seen are different,

So observe with the eyes of the seer and witness the seen.


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