Will the Sun Show up?

Yes it will, and it did.

Faith is one strong propeller that propels one onto the land of the rising sun.

Have faith man; the night can never be dark enough to hide the rising sun.

But yes, a mind so pessimistically dark, can hide away the glow of the sun, in more ways than one.

For the sun shows up anyway, on a dark rainy morning, as the clouds think they have their way,

The sun looks on letting them cover its brilliance, with a smile, as if to say, ” Hey, how did the morning be, without me”.

So hide me all you want; the optimistic brilliance will never miss my light, come rain or shine.

Now is it you or me who miss the optimistic brilliance? Or is it some dark pseudo gentleman at the centre table making us think so?

Well, well, said you to me, ” Do you think I’ll ever miss being optimistic? It is the pseudo at the centre table playing games with our brilliance.

Ha ha ha I laughed loud, for this is what I just expected.

“Why are you laughing so loud ?” said you, and I laughed again but added quickly, “Well, you forget the pseudo is us, for aren’t we living in a sham pretentious world?

The pseudo occupying the centre, pushing the real us away, for do you think it’s dark here?”

Now as I spoke, both of us went in to see what I meant.

Occupying the centre, the pseudo sat regally on his chair and looked at each of us firmly; I looked back at him sternly, as he said, ” What’s up with you? Go on be brave and bold, don’t sit around for too long, you’ll stagnate.

What have you done in life, yes agreed you raised children, did your duty managed to contribute towards the welfare of your family, but was this all you came here to do?

Find your purpose, do good, be good, be fearless, and until you do so, you will not be able to meet the brilliance of the rising sun.”

Pointing out at you he said, ” And you are tired and frail, because you feel you didn’t get what you want, right?

Yes, if you feel so, you are right, and now get your butt off that chair and work on attaining your goal; until then, know that you, too, shall miss the sun’s brilliance.”

Both of us looked at each other, and then laughed simultaneously, for we suddenly saw that it was all a sham.

The monster on the regal chair had no business to be there and command us, so both of us rushed towards him, and in one swift scoop, he was out.

Out of the chair, out of our lives, and both of us, you and I sat in the brilliance of the basking rays, singing away to glory.

All of a sudden, we knew we were where we were meant to be, and fighting against this state of being, took away the brilliance of light.

It’s dark and rainy, and dark clouds seem to possess the day, but we now know the question, ” will the Sun show up? is baseless.

For you know as I do, its brilliance is here permanently, it’s for ours to see through the storm, and all I’ll say is kudos to the ones who can see it amidst the storm.

Some have the pseudo gentleman still within, and they’ll jeer and say, ” What does this one know, what we are going through, forget about the sun; I can’t see candlelight in the darkness.

Know for sure, friends; they are not the ones who can oust the dark sham out of their lives.

Well, let’s tell them once to oust that dark gentleman ruling within, and know then for sure you’ll see what we just saw and will say and do what we do,

The brilliance of the sun we see all along, for the silver lining behind the dark cloud leads us on.

Come rain or shine; we are what we are and care two hoots to the pseudo who says you are not what you should be, and you do not have what you should have.

For as the pseudo fails to exist, the light of being what I am and what you are is all that is required in the brilliance of being.

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