Oh Yes! It’s today…

What is it!” I exclaimed.

Is it your bday?

Pausing and not knowing how to react, she looked at me in silence, staring at the curiousity which lit up my face.

Hey, you there, she shouted out loud; today is here!

I know I said, but so what? What’s new?

That is it you dumbo, you sure are a moron.

Today is new in itself.

Want to know how?

Well then walk the path with me right now.

Bored and tired of the usual grind, I readily agreed.

She was waiting at the steps, waiting for me, and as I stepped out,

I wondered where she was, for never before had I seen her as I did then.

Not sure that it was her, I waited too at the top of the staircase, staring at the silhouette of this girl.

Wondering if I was mistaken, and perplexed at what to do then, I heard her call out to me.

Relieved that the voice was same, and there was familiarity in her voice, I slowly climbed down.

But I didn’t know this one, who was she?And how did she know me?

She, however, bred familiarity in unfamiliar grounds, for she called me a moron and a dumbo, and only one who knew you could do so, but she just wasn’t familiar.

I didnt know her, and decided to walk along, with no mind of my own.

So I walked and walked with her by my side, looking around the scenic gardens on the way.

They were there every day, but today was special for as I walked, I saw the roses flowering out of their buds.

The marigolds and the sunflowers, all invitingly beckoning, ” Look at us, for we too are here, sharing space with you,

The lovely banyan tree invitingly gave me a shade under it, and as I sat down, the world seemed wild and vast,

Looking around for my unfamiliar familiar friend, she was nowhere to be seen, and it was clear she preferred to be.

I sat down and couldn’t care less where she was, for I had just learnt to be.

Looking around with new eyes, the fragrance everywhere seemed new, too; everything was all here, and so was I.

I sat there alone and then suddenly was no gnawing pain, for it was real with me being just here.

What transpired yesterday was dead to me, and what could be a tomorrow was unknown.

I sat between the colourful flowers, and the variety of birds some pecking at morsels on the grass, the others flying high, soaring higher and higher.

The ducks swam in their lake homes, while the swans regally waded along in theirs.

Then is when a gust of breeze swayed along reminding me of a yesterday.

It bred familiarity, and it tried with real gusto to sway me away into a gone by day,

I smiled and let it kiss my cheek, challenging it cheekily,

Hey there, I’m not here to sway between yesterday and the day after today.

This haven just now is all that I have and want, and I’m not letting it drift away.

Go ahead and find your way, for your sway cannot lead me away.

I sat back and smiled as it passed away, leaving me where I am, right here and now,

And then, as I turned around, I saw her smiling again.

It’s today, it’s a new day, and I knew what she meant,

Suddenly as I saw her as she was, I knew she was me, as I was now meant to be.

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