A Conversation, between G and M…

G stands for the government, and M is me, that is commonly you and me..

M: We trusted in you and voted for you, do you think you have even delivered a quarter of what you promised us?

Or did you just appease me, to be appeased?

I didn’t elect you for nothing, did I? For I gave you my valuable vote, didn’t I ?

I did my duty, and now’s your turn, for I want it all set right.

The promises you made, before you were on the chair?

What were they? Good roads, an enviable economy, education for all , democratic policies to be kept in place. Freedom of thought , speech and belief.

Well you got to be kidding, if you think you’ve achieved this, for instead we’ve just witnessed a massacre, haven’t we?

The massacre of equality, of thought , speech religion and belief, which the flames of desire caused.

Did you stand, beside me and witness the burning of our nation, or were you and are you still in the illusion, that we are prospering?

You are answerable, so please answer now.

G: Please do not forget that I am the governing body, and have done all within my capacity, to govern the country rightly.

Let me see.. Infact we need to review the situation, don’t we?

M: Hahaha … Why am I involved here? You sure seem conceited.

Before the elections, you promised us a free country, absolutely democratic, where constitutional laws would be followed, and there would be no dearth of anything for any one.

Anyway you want a review so here it is

Are you not the government? Is it not your responsibility to work for the nation?

But sadly, the moment you came in power, something struck you, like a hurricane would, shredding you of the last vestige of kindness, and compassion and a moral responsibility, which comes with the chair.

For did the chair spell something else to you? If it did, step down, and work like the ordinary.

Look into it now, it’s you who are corrupt, isn’t it?

For corrupt officials, they are yours, they are the ones, who have given money, an unimaginable power, where the gap between the rich and poor can never be bridged.

The poor remain hungry, and the rich are overfed to the point of indigestion.

For is it not your officials who are the cause? Aren’t they up to mischief of a devious kind?

Standing on your side of the plane you see things as plain, as you want to, don’t you?

For you overlook the atrocities of your self, and give contracts to builders not for their skill, but for their will.

Their will to pay you the maximum than the other, and that is when you favour him to the exclusion of the other.

Then you assist in reclaiming land, unauthorised by natural law, because you decide to turn a blind eye to the deeds of the powerful.

Oh and to remind you, we have other two categories of people, the middle class and the upper middle class too.

Both whom you prod with sticks of thorns, for whichever way they go, they are sure to fall.

Surely you remember all your fancy policies, don’t you?

Don’t you think it is a a loser game?

For on one side of the pole is the underprivileged, who once privileged will lead us to a growing economy, thus securing our nation, forever.

So see what you are doing?

If you looked at it the this way, you would push them up the other half as you saw them reach half way up.

But you seem to be only interested in filling your coffers, so you only safeguard the fillers of your coffers.

What sort of a demon are you?

Your schemes and cunning plots will lead nowhere, except to darkness.

For in the light of the false right, your so called righteous ways, are a sure path to the dark.

What have you to hark?

The light or the dark, and if it’s the light you are to hark, then look within and observe….

G: Ah, yes I admit, there are corrupt parts of me, attacking and gnawing through the system, destroying it’s very foundations.

I am greedy to get, and in return I’ve sold a part of me to you.

And that part dear friend, had all my essential qualities, by which I could enhance my being.

But then you came on, and flashed the glitter of gold right in my eyes, and me a wanderer who refused to recognise the purpose of the chair, grabbed it as it seemed right.

Before I got the chair, I was one like you, who thought I’d work towards the betterment of man.

Then I played the game of the poll run, and won it hands down.

For no matter the stiff competition, my hands were focussed on the purpose.

Then came the day, I sat on the chair, and that was just dooms day.

For something sprouted from within, and it was then that sensation set in,

The sensations which brought in the thought for a desire of more.

So now my friend, I’ve lost it, for the hunger for power is unsatiable,

And I have lost the light to my purpose, and as I grope in the dark,

I commit the darkest of crimes, in the name of law.

M: Thank God you admit it, so now can you change your wayward ways?

Can you go back to the times when you worked towards your purpose?

When you saw sorrow, and a feeling of love and compassion came from within you,

That was when the money and power game was not so important to you, as was love for your subjects.

G: You are all right, but wait a minute dear friend, let’s review a bit further, can we?

I am on the other aside of the plane, but once I was on your side, and then you said I was like you, I had compassion, love, and could empathise with people in their sorrow, right?

But did you notice that when I went on the other side , I looked at life from that side.

For is it not true, that everyone who goes on the other side behaves the way I do?

I can tell you sirs , that this is really true, for from the side I am in, I see you, as me.

For you are as corrupt as I am, so some of you want everything greedily for themselves, earn more, pay more to us.

Then there is one lot of you, who do not want to take any responsibility whatsoever.

You think you owe us, as you’ve voted for us, but let me tell you something, that unless and until you take responsibility for your own deeds and actions, no one else will.

You’ve given me the total responsibility to be responsible for you, so here I am doing it the way I deem right.

For you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

You litter, and pollute the streets and the air, making me your clean up guy.

Have a heart you heartless being, for all you can think of is your only being.

Being asleep all day long, day dreaming of a better country, with you having no hand in making it true,

Because is it not the responsibility of the government servant?

For haven’t you given him your valuable vote?

After all haven’t you appointed him to do so, and you did this so you could sleep all day long and through the night too.

And mind you, you also remember to do your bit, backlash him every time he doesn’t do his bit,

For is he not supposed to take charge and clean up the mess you made,

Whether it is to the environment or to the neighbour, he is responsible for it all.

Then you teach him how to take a bribe, which indeed is justified,

For flaunting the law and damaging the environment, it is just a small price you pay, for the fulfilment of your desires.

You and me both think so too, until their comes a day when we realise its a big price to pay.

We’ve sold ourselves into slavery , as slaves of pleasure and desire, there seems only one way out ,

Out of the cave of darkness,

The 1st is to understand no matter what we are one, the giver and the receiver,

And to eradicate this darkness, let’s be the change we want to change,

No you and me, no slander or defamation,

Change first, and be the change you want in us, and in the world.

Do not bribe and I shall not be bribed, take responsibility of you ,by you, for you, and I shall take responsibility of me.

No longer will we be divided, for united we’ll stand.

M: Well said friend, you seem to be right, let’s walk hand in hand, and be the might to the real right…

Do your part, and the rest of the parts will find its way in to solve the biggest challenge we are all facing today. Please dear friends just do your bit.. God Bless.

2 thoughts on “A Conversation, between G and M…

  1. Hard core facts written with powerful words & expressions. That’s the hallmark of great writing.👌👍


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