As life just Blindsided us….

As life blindsided us, we are in a strange predicament,

For the known just turned unknown, and the unknown known,

As all we knew until now, was to live in the space of the outer,

where superstitions and cultural beliefs, false persona etc, took away the space that was ours.

And then life played up and dealt us a severe blow on our blind side, forcing us to see the other side.

Now as we move our vision to the other side, we just saw what was in the blind.

Wondering on what I’m about to unfold, there’s a lot in here, if you remove that blindfold.

For life just blinded you to the side you always saw, and opened up the window you were blinded to.

However, it’s up to you to open up the blinds and see the side blinded in you for life..

But if you’re one who feels you’re ok as you are, then don’t read further down, for what is below, will definitely have you mellow.

For the ones who want to mellow,

Did you know, that we are into more than 430 odd days into a pandemic, which does not seem to end?

That nature looks upon us everyday, trying to find a trace of evolution, trying to seek a positive answer to the question ” Will we see beyond the bend?

The period has been tragic, some lost their loved ones, some their friends, some lost on strange paths, seeming never to end,

Economy crisis, retrenchment, some have seen it all, and to the others the fear of it happening lurks over.,

But what do we make of all this?

Do we know, that all is on stake, for us to just see,

That no matter what, we all slept in the nights, no matter when,

Some in the wee hours of the morning, and and a few lucky, at ten.

But sleep we did, work we did, cook we did, eat we did, and worry we did,

Locked up in our homes, for some the morns never ended and for others the nights just didn’t pass,

Yet days passed by, not one, not two, but a good four hundred and twenty nine,

Yet this game seems to go on, and even though the sun doesn’t always shine,

The days it does brings hope to our every bit, however this is still just not it,

As every time I sigh, I know we are still not on the high,

For deep down we want things to be the way they are, the way we want them to be, but nature says there is another way,

It will not relent, unless you consent, for it’s time to let go,

Let go of greed, appearing as need,

Let go of that ego and look beyond yourself,

For as you go beyond you, you see a broader world, one where you can cohabit with the rest.

And as you expand in the expanse, you see your true “I “, the one that made you happen.

It is there and was always there hidden beneath the cluster of “I”s, which beckon us all the time.

One tells us to go ahead and live life king size, the other says “Oh just shut up and stay put”,

One says “Freak out”, the other says “The neighbours are watching put up a good front”, one hates you, the other loves all, which are we?

They confuse us, and round and round we move around in circles, until one day, comes this pandemic, and says,

“STOP”, and LISTEN , Mend your ways, and find yourself or else….

Or else what says another defiant “I”.

“Just stop where you are, go no further”, nature beckons,

For you’ve done enough damage, and now’s my turn,

We pay no heed and listen to our I’s ,

What is this we hear, there are some I’s telling us, “take advantage of the situation,

They’re not yours who’ve gone, so don’t worry, there will be better days,

Just hoard and play safe, for these days will pass,

Your lucky, all your dear ones are safe, it’s the others who suffer, it’s theirs that are gone.”

“Oh it’s their karma, what can we do?”, popped in another one with it’s say,

As it went on endlessly chattering, I spent the rest of my days dwelling in myself and my “I’s”.

Till one day I reach the end of the tether, just in time to realise my lease of life is just over, and what is left are those staggering moments,

Grasping them, as I gasp my way to an end, but then wait, did I see a light at the end of the tunnel?

No I didn’t, cause I was busy trying to hold on to life even more.

“Hey it said , your stay ends here,”

“Why so? I’ve not seen you yet? This is just not fair,” I retorted back.

It replied, “What was that then, the endless days and nights, as you huffed and puffed , trudging your way through thorny paths,

I asked you to look at the pleasant sights, but you, couldn’t do so, for the minute you looked at a pleasant sight, you wanted more,

And then you ran yourself sore, trying to grasp more, until you huffed and puffed again, and then reached the end of the tether holding you to dear life,”

It snapped taking me far beyond, into oblivion, and I woke up.

Oh was it a nightmare?

Awakened, I suddenly realise that I can’t let this happen,

We’ve lost dear ones, and nature’s fury is at it’s peak,

Can we look within, and take a peek,

for are we really demons in the guise of angels?

Then I knew something was wrong, for all along I wasn’t the actual me,

I had to look for my real one, the one with compassion and love, the one I came in with,

As I looked in, I found it, sitting beneath a whole lot of false” I’s”, and there it grinned at me as it said,

” Welcome home” You wanderer fugitive, and it sat me down.

Listen it said ” You may not like me much as you’ve been away long,

Impatient my other I’s were, assuring and cajoling me to walk away, but now I knew I had to hold on,

For I wanted the truth, only my real “I” could reveal, so I sat put and here I go.

Congratulations!! For if you’re reading this your blindside too is lost forever,

Strong and calm , wise and bold are you, to face the world of storms,

For whether we like it or not, the storms will come and pass.

You are here, in the midst of a crisis, and remember till you are here, stay on, in this moment,

Whether in heat or cold, every moment just hold,

For in the passing time, as we pass on, leaving all behind,

We go on, content , for we’ve seen the whole, the storm and calm, and no matter what,

We lived on, living life, moment to moment, day to day,

With no qualms, no pain, no pleasure, just the satisfaction of seeing things as they passed.

Undaunted you stood with the knowledge that your turn could be next, yet relentless, you didn’t flicker, for you knew the ways of the world.

Then when the times up, you know you made good use of your lease to a life so rich, you lived it wholly, without a flinch.

The goodbyes would be enriched with the essence of pure life, you carry back to your source.

Wake up friend for you are here, and blind to the side of the dark,

Open your eyes for now is when you can see the light, through the darkness of the night,

For it’s dark in here, what with Corona and it’s effects,

But you are in light, for you’ve opened your door, to the side not dark,

You’ve blinded the one who blinded, all along ,

The one who put my real self in the blind side of life..

So for now on know,

Lockdown or not, you will get your daily bread, if you intent it so, yes your bread not the others,

If you know the difference, that will be your inference, of the truth from the false,

For what once seemed to be true, was all false,

Running and racing, we lost the race to grace, only to fall in disgrace,

But then nature is kind, as a divine force intervened, and drastically shut us down,

Till we pushed the side we groped up, down,

And in the bargain as the blinded side thrust up, we were no more locked up, in the perceptions of the mind,

For then is when we could see, lockdown or not, the even flow of a common consciousness.

This consciousness beckons you to see it, “please it cries exasperatedly, where are you?”

Stop and see, what I want you to.

Enjoy me as I am, don’t turn me into what I’m not,

For from the roots of the trees, the leaves, the branches and the fruits, I am all but one,

I beckon you to enjoy me, and not cut me down, for I live here just like you,

The birds beckon too, and so do the animals and fishes, we live here too, let us be,

It’s our home too, can you not see?

The wind and the breeze, depict the free mind of the universe, cool and refreshing, inviting you to partake too.

“Please enjoy all of nature as we are”, humbly requests nature to all of us, for the laws of nature are the same for all of us.”

Believe in the provider, and know you will be provided,

For have you not embarked into this journey of time, to experience and evolve?

Not to stay and ask for more, for there is where you divest out, out of your arena into one of pleasure and pain.

But if you stop a while and taste my fruit, the sweetness in it’s taste will linger on for ever,

That is when you’ll have your fill and not need more.

See your self as you are, then you’ll know why you are here.

Then you’ll dare to live life without a scare.

The darkness just got blinded by the all pervading light.

4 thoughts on “As life just Blindsided us….

  1. The Real Eternal of Life is on other side of our seeing ,,, call it Blind side ,,, when seen its Bliss . Great Deep Sweep into That Side .


  2. To live it or not to live it .. But surely we have to learn from it , as of now .. The Real art of living to Master it & accept it … In a world of illusion we had messed it all & created another chapter of self illusion in a blind Race of no goals bargain …. What Creator created for all of us for very high quality living standards we destroyed it by one way or by another means for full filling our EGO’S & so called supremacy where winners & losers are fixed and thus a blind race followed … Humanity still lost & still we still try to make out of it … Money may still stay at Home but we may lose our very loved ones & beautiful SOULS .. It is the best time for real SELF introspection & to be more realised than ever before …





  3. ‘Believe in the provider, and know you will be provided.’ That’s the kind of awakening, the consciousness we need today. Great philosophical thoughts written wonderfully well. 👌👍


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