Ringing in 2021..

Thank you 2020.., for if it were not for you, we could never see 2021 as we ought to.

Now as we welcome in 2021, we know it is just not another new year, its our chance of a lifetime,

It’s a new us, entering a new year, knowing that until now we never lived,

For it was 2020 that showed us, that life was not just what we thought it was,

As prior to it, were we not on the page, where work, money, power and glamour, were written?

What 2020 did was to erase that page, and as it erased each bit of the bold writing,

It rewrote a new one, titled ” Loving Being”.

When we crawled into the 1st quarter of 2020, life’s meaning was unknown,

All we knew was that life was ours to give and take,

For power, fame and money was all, we had and knew.

The ones who didn’t have it, ran the race to reach it, and the ones who had it ran faster, so as not to be overpowered.

The only stop, was a break called rejuvenation, the one which was far from it all.

As it was another show of power and glamour, called entertainment, or even a relaxation, which was not very different from a bulls fight or a boxer’s ring, where all you tried to do was thinking you were enjoying or relaxing, when in actuality it was none.

Either you were in the ring or outside, it made no difference.

Then came March 2020, and what happened then made all the difference.

Nature power took over, and showed us the way,

We resisted a lot before we gave way,

Initially we felt like prisoners in our home, trying to find a way out.

We were all shut out, out of action, money and a crisis unheard of.

But that dear friends, was in actuality none of the above,

It was merely a crisis in our thinking.

Intelligent mankind had grace on his side, when he intelligently developed technology,

However having technology by his side, he thought himself all mighty,

That was when grace gave him the slip, and then technology became a hazard in his growth.

As grace slipped away, mankind used technology disgracefully,

The powerful people used it to gain mileage, the weak used it to think they were powerful.

So the first few months were spent in information received, some true and more false.

As the mighty squandered it away to gain mileage, using it unwisely,

It proved to be a deadly weapon, instead of a powerful arm.

The intelligent man became a mechanical robot.

And that was one of the reasons of this calamity.

As grace was disgraced, it created more fear, anxiety, and fury.

Then what happened changed the scenario altogether.

For a few wise among them realised, that life could not go on, this way,

They went back to distinguishing between needs and wants,

And realised that dropping frivolous desires was all that was.

Suddenly in came back an intelligence once lost,

They let go of it all, and submitted to what came their way.

Then came the break through, for this was not a crisis,

The crisis was only in their thinking, and conditioning, and as they let go,

A new wave came over, to set the way.

For now as we ring in 2021, our hearts sing,

The song of joy, as nature did say in its in numerous ways,

Let go, let be and then see,

You’ll reach the shore of the morning sea,

Where all is bright and light..

A perspective to a new life, opening up new avenues in life..

Let’s welcome 2021 together….

Loads of Love darlings….,.

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