Living is Relating…

This one’s fresh, as it just came in..

How did it come in? you might ask.

Well here we go..

It all happened this morning, as I watched our 15 month old grand- daughter, relate to the crows and sparrows on the kitchen ledge.

Meher, is visiting us for the first time, and it has been wonderful having her here with us.

Her fresh essence, brought to mind this,

“When you sign the lease to life , you prepare to enter into a world where living means relating..”

Slowly and gradually as you become aware of all things around you, your eyes relate to it all.

The days, nights, summers , winters, heat, cold, pain and pleasure, slowly we relate to it all.

As we grow older, we start relating to everything through the experiences we’ve had.

The sweet smell of rain, may be pleasant to the ones who’ve enjoyed them, prattling in the knee deep waters, and sailing boats in them.

However, the ones who are stuck at home, knowing they can’t step out, and observe dark clouds, from within, find the rainy season dreary and dull.

We accept and go with the flow, yes wincing at times, and then as the wince turns into a smile, there is a relation between both, and that is it.

The cache is for us to catch while we are here,

And Meher did find it for me, this fine morning.

She began to slowly relate , to everything around.

Meher, was fascinated when she saw the crows and birds sitting on the ledge, outside.

The first day she saw them , it seemed as if her eyes would pop out of their little sockets.

But the very next day and the day after, she got so accustomed to them, that she would wave at a far off crow, perched on a tree across the window ledge, inviting it to come over and partake the food on the ledge.

She related to the whole thing so naturally, and got so used to the surroundings around fitting into our routine like a hand in glove.

Having met all of us for the first time, since her birth, it seemed rather amazing the way she took to all around.

A pure fresh soul, she is just what she is, and she relates to all around as if they are one like her.

No pretence of what she is, no assumptions of what you are.

Her little taste buds, explored different types of food, and she wanted to share them with all around.

She hugged and kissed her big brother Vivaan, with love and warmth.

Then I saw compassion emerge from her, when she saw her mother in pain as she hit the base of the table while walking.

Rushing up to her she hugged her and cuddled her warmly, offering solace and comfort.

What was this? I asked myself, and with all earnest, something flashed,

As if like a torch light, which just flashed its light on an unseen object in a dark cave.

That object, which was in darkness always, suddenly came to light.

Like a mirror, which reflected our true selves, as we are, and not as we want to be.

Letting the incident pass, I woke up the next day, and while exercising heard J. Krishnamurti’s soothing voice, as he spoke in one of his lectures,

He just happened to mention in it, that we are moving in a corridor of opposites, as we are in constant conflict, wanting to move from being to becoming.

We could never be there were we are, for as soon as we walked through the corridor, the opposite beckoned, telling you to get better, for eg: An angry you is you now, you cannot say you shouldn’t be so.

You are angry now and that is your concern.

You shouldn’t be so is not your concern.

Aw I had goose bumps,

Oh its just coincidence you might say, but I felt it was much more.

It told me to introspect and accept .

Acceptance to what is.

A relation was made, and before I knew it I related to my anger which is me, and it vanished.

As I came out of my trance, I saw baby Meher prancing away joyously, as she got attracted to my medicine strip.

My efforts were all focussed on getting it out of reach before she could , and gosh I succeeded, only to see her sweet smiling face puckering adorably, as she began to cry.

Aw my sweet heart, what had I done?

With the same gusto, I flashed a colourful attractive bottle at her, and I was indeed pleased to see her smile, as she rushed and grab it.

But Alas, she fell.

Worried I looked at her face expecting it to pucker with pain,

I was astonished to see her pull herself up with a naughty glint on her face,

As if to say, ” There certainly is no gain without pain”.

She won her prize at last, and triumphantly showed it around to all of us,

Clapping for herself, she urged us to do so, and as we clapped,

It brought home the point, that losing and gaining seemed related.

Then were they of any significance?

As I asked myself this , the question seemed significantly unimportant,

As winning and losing , pleasure and pain are just sides of the same coin,

we just can’t let go can we?

For every time we think of doing so, the win and pleasure side of the coin, stares back at us, propelling us to hold on,

Now sweethearts its alright if you enjoy them then, and not ask for more.

And while doing so, remember the Meher way,

Enjoy the win and the pleasure for the moment, and let go,

And relate to the flip side , knowing that this too shall go,

Leaving behind a sense of joy.

The joy of relating to everything, and everyone.

The core of living a “La Meher style”.

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