Melody in Medley…

Life is a medley, but not all, of it is melody.

Is the medley of life different from the medley in music?

Is there melody only in music?

Or can life be a harmonious blend of tunes tuning into one long medley, leading to melody?

Isn’t it time we think on this one?

As I was looking out for the title of this blog, pop came in a thought

” A bouquet”, seemed apt I thought so, as aren’t we all presented with a bouquet in life?

A bouquet of different people, different cultures, different ideas, ideals etc..

Oh all so different! To top it all ,we are faced with different situations, the good, the bad, the nice the not so nice etc.. but then I thought “Oh no, everything different, where is the blend?”

Then this came in as if a continuous cycle of events in life, culminates into a medley.

This medley however does not appear to be in melody.

Medley to me always spelt melody, then why is life’s medley not in melody?

Rhythm darling said a voice from within.

Where is it I asked?

Then it came to me as suddenly as this question.

The hidden radar, showing you the way to rhythm,

Here it goes, when we move along the twists and turns life leads us through.

Love it as is, with the eyes of the perceiver, who sees things as is, and not through life’s situations.

I know this dear, I said.

So then what takes you away from it”, said the same voice from within.

Ah ha, this is a spot, ain’t it?

Then all of a sudden a Whats App message popped up, and I thought to myself again,

” Thank God for these messages, I need to distract myself from these heavy philosophical voices from within.”

And then it all came in as I read these messages.

One read,

” Happy b’day to you!” on my friends group.

It was from a friend to the friend whose b’day it was.

There were forwards of jokes, and some serious messages too, of the happenings all over the world.

Yet another message read ” I’m sorry for your loss, RIP”.

Oh Oh, who was this ?

Oh Gosh! it was my friend’s dad.

“I’m so sorry “, I wrote to her too.

Then it all came in..

It occurred to me ” Yesterday when I lost my mother, weren’t these the similar messages I received”?

So there we go all over again, as what happens to you or me, will happen to someone else, at a different point in time. So are we not all connected?

One after the other, a chain of events appears and suddenly nothing seemed different.

These chain of events, are different tunes, some of which appeal and the others don’t .They can blend into a harmonious whole, but they don’t and want to know why?

Cause each one of us thinks we are special , different and unique?

As what happens to you, is not something that will happen to me, I’m sure.

Don’t we sleep, breathe and eat on the same planet, using the same resources, irrespective of the other.

Don’t we all thank the almighty, that we are comfortable and sleep in our cosy beds, irrespective of whether the neighbour does or doesn’t?

Is not fear and insecurity, pervading around us all the time, that in our need to get out of them we think not twice in usurping that which does not belong to us.?

Also not to forget the greatest and most dangerous emotion of it all , and that is Desire.

Is not the desire for better, for becoming better, for achieving, for accumulating etc, ever going to let go of us?

Also desirous of nothing, leaves us with a subtle desire to attain something which desire will not let us achieve.

So now where do we go from here?

Life is a chain of events, appearing one after another, like the different tunes in a medley.

Is it not for us to blend in harmoniously, thus creating the best medley ever?

Contrary to the above, we cannot blend, as the different tunes, do not tune in as per our likes. Some of them disturb us and so appear to be out of tune.

Also remember, we cannot change, as we are quite secure in our own zones, and change compels you to get out of your comfort zone.

And mind you, your comfort zone is just the place you are accustomed to be in.

Hence do not be surprised to know that if you are accustomed to pain , suffering and discomfort, and are being pushed to a zone of comfort and peace, you may still hesitate to leave your pain zone.

So here we go, around the mulberry bush, facing all the tunes in life, without ever experiencing the melody of life.

Melody is indeed the lost ingredient of life, as we cannot get into rhythm, with its changing tunes.

Melody can only be when we merge with the music around us, no matter if the sudden unpleasant turn in our life, tunes into one big medley. The medley of life.

Also when we see we all merge as a whole, no one is different, it’s only a whole cycle of events coming in and moving away, depending on the position we are right now .

As the shifts happen naturally, so do we move on to face different circumstances and different experiences, which are different to us, but not different or new to the world.

Oh my God! look at her plight, this is sad, how could it happen?

Well sweethearts, its just the position she is in.

What has happened to her, is in the world, nothing new.

Maybe yes with deep insight, one can be lead to living appropriately , thus one can avert accidents, which occur out of human errors.

That is what I mean by rhythmic living.

And rhythmic living is to flow on , as the medley of life, takes you on , from one shore to the other.

And as it takes you from the cosy to the non cosy, from good to bad, flow on , sweeties, as they are all tunes forming a big long medley, attaching to each other, to make a melody for you to see and know.

So tune in to the tune of today, thus enjoying the medley, of life, and before we know it tune Corona, is tuned in , and has joined the chain of the medley. Does that not ring a bell?

Remember that quote” Hark Ye all to the clarion call”

Is it not a clear message for all of us , calling us to listen to the rhythm of life?

Something you never knew is now a part of you, cause all you knew, is left behind,

and long forgotten as you tread the path, and tune in with life.

Then life just transforms into a melodious note, carrying you along from the dark shore on to the land of light.

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