On a rainy day….

What do we have here? Yet another rainy day.

Corona Virus, the Lockdown, heavy rains, storms, cyclones, I don’t see anything evading us now.

Yes what I see now is a hope against hope, of evading all of it just now.

Seemingly true is it?

No, it is actually true.

Just sat down on my desk, thinking of the wonderous ways of life, when a message popped up.

It read, ” I’m bored, with lots of free time on my hands”.

I thought to myself “Why do we call free time boring?”

Is it not like a breather, putting you off the hook, and out of the grind of mundane life.

There are no freebies in life, haven’t we heard this so oft?

So today is this free time a freebie or is it time to get free of the mechanical grind life has put us on to.

Does it pass on to you this message as it does to me?

It reads..

This certainly is not free time, it’s time which has come to free you of it.

To free you of time, yes, all that you have learnt and studied just drop it..

Go into what is now, as the now is wonderful.

Learn to establish yourself in it..

This is what it reads….

Succeed and you are successful as

Success means the non access to time.

And time, what is it?

Why have we invented time? Can it just standstill and take us to the timeless zone?

To go into the timeless zone, we need to be out of the time machine, which brings in everything of the past, and carries it to our future.

We see nothing but the images of what we percept, and not what actually is.

Is there something within us, which is beyond our image?

An image is what we have formed for everything, for eg, somebody hurt me in the past, and it stuck on in a corner of my mind, creating an image of that person.

So the next time I meet this person, I will not meet her as she/he is, but as an image that I have formed of her/him.

Similarly society has created an image of the rights and wrongs, the should be’s and shouldn’t be’s , the good the bad, based on religious norms and cultural conditioning.

These norms in society may have been made by wise learned people in the past, who felt the need to implement it then, but then time took over as we carried it over to today.

So time came in , the past ruling our now.

We cannot enjoy this moment, because as I sit back I remember “oh what fun we had the days pre lockdown, when we could freely move out .”

The irony dear friend is that when you could do those things as you can’t do now,

you still thought ” Oh wasn’t it better earlier”

So time moves on to take the place of the timeless.

Today we are not here now, as the past has come in and the future then is the now today.

Where then is the actual now, now?

It is buried under what we would call psychological time.

So actually we are not living now, we are living on the dead, and we are mindless to the saying,

“Let the dead past bury its dead”, from the poem ” A Psalm of Life” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Why do we carry it?

Is there something within us, which is beyond our image?

From, hurt to norms, to images created of you and me, to the good images and bad images created by a society no longer today’s, but as we carry all this, we create time, psychological time.

You may have been a different you yesterday, you have evolved since, but my image of you is the one of yesteryears, so I can’t see you as you are, I see you as you were, thus carrying forth time.

Today we have evolved, and we need to stand up to the need of the hour now.

The need today spells the need now.

The need of the hour is to take things in their stride, maintain a cool and calm balance of body and mind in your own simple way.

There is an element of fun, in everything to be done, and life just asks you to pause, and see it.

Is this not a pause in our life?

It certainly is, and you will see it, as you let go of the past, and future contemplation.

Now as this moment has come in all our lives, and as we sit by ourselves doing nothing, can we stop time from entering our space?

Can we give it a piece of our mind? Can we tell it that as an intruder, it will have to face trial, and then quietly leave our space never to tresspass again.

Then you and me can live afresh, in this moment, and now, seeing it wholly as it is.

Yes this is it, I by the window, enjoying the rains, and writing this down, and you too doing what you are doing and enjoying it to the hilt, without letting the trespassers , called good and bad, right and wrong, sad and happy enter your space.

Thus as you let go of them so do you enjoy this space and zone, which is truly yours?

So do I take the liberty to congratulate you on this achievement of yours?

Well to the ones who are on “Yipee, Congratulations dear friends, you’ve earned it all!

One thought on “On a rainy day….

  1. ‘Maintain a cool and calm balance of body and mind in your simple way.’ That’s the way you should live life in present circumstances. A very thoughtfully written post!


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