Coffee by the window… Coffee diaries 3

Intoxicated, I am at the coffee table , comfortable to be able to comprehend the nature of  my intoxication.

As you and me seem to be the same..

There’s a side of me I didn’t know in you, and vice versa.

So as I look at life’s different sides, out pops, from within generations of people, who beg to differ to unite.

Yes, today my coffee table is by the window, amidst a whole lot of my lovely friends enjoying the onset of the tail end of the Lock down.

Invited I was to join them, but I preferred to sit by the window and watch them walk enjoying the cool breeze.

Was I different from the lot?

For if I was alike, I would be doing what they did, walk down.

We were all in for nearly 3 months now, and now we all had  to use our individual discretion to move around cautiously, each one ensuring their own safety and protecting the other’s in the best way possible.

Seems a fair deal doesn’t it?

Well as I looked out I realised that I was one with them, and also realised that this vast diverse yet whole universe, needed us to be different and play different roles, to complete the whole.

Well just as you may think and wonder what this is all about, I unfold this little example of two buddies, as different as they were alike.

Paddu and Reenu, were neighbours in Calicut, and grew up together, exploring and playing games as every child does.

Childhood is that period  which allows you to be as you are, naturally, fresh, without any inhibitions. It seems as if you have just come in from the garden of heaven, and are enriched by all those qualities of love, and care, and uninhibited you exhibit yourself as you are. No pretence no mockery, just childish pranks.

Yes and exploring the world seems a norm with all of them, as they excitedly view the world as if it were an adventurous playground.

Now Paddu lived in a huge joint family,  grandparents, uncles, aunts and she had two siblings, whereas Reenu was the only child of her parents, and lived in a nuclear family.

Paddu learnt to help around the home, and learnt to be considerate to the needs of her family members, and also learnt to be outspoken and bold where it came to getting her way for the things she required to have and couldn’t compromise on.

So as she grew she was caring and sensitive of the needs of others, as well as her needs too.

She was loved by all and was never deprived of it.

Reenu on the other hand came from a wealthy background, but missed out on the wealth of relationships. She was provided with all the comfort and care at home.

Her parents were too busy juggling their lives with their unfulfilled aspirations, that her emotional needs were ignored.

However, whenever they met , and played they had the same likes, played the same games and enjoyed all activity, similarly.

Then as childhood departed they went their separate ways into their own worlds.

In their worlds they reacted to situations based on the outcome of their memories of experiences and teachings of the past.

Needless to say, their choice of life partners too depended on the same.

As they worked their way on the path of life, the many hurdles they faced the more determined were they to move ahead.

Paddu was indeed sensitive to the needs of all, and felt the need to work for the larger good, whereas Reenu took care of her home needs and loved her children deeply fulfilling their emotional needs, thus making them lovable citizens and good human beings.

Both of them contributed to society in their own way, and fulfilled their purpose.

They were alike in their fulfilment of purpose and differed in the way they did so.

Nothing was right or wrong, as the many paths in life are meant for its variety of travellers, each choosing the one they are meant to, as per their aptitudes and purposes.

Its only when the traveller gets waylaid and tries to follow a path not his, is when he misses out on his destination, the one he came in for.

When you believe in something have faith in that belief, and do not get waylaid by another.

This is exactly how Paddu and Reenu contributed to life in their own efficient ways, where each believed the path they walked on, unaffected by the path of another.

Now as I tell you this, I looked out of the window, and the cool breeze, chirping of birds and friends walking down, I enjoy seeing them from my place here as much as they enjoy their space out there in the cool breeze.

As we get along playing our various roles in this vast diverse yet whole universe, let’s realise that roles are many and all we need to know is that whichever  we choose, we need to do it wholly and with conviction. Then we reach our desired goal and unite in the whole.

So as the taste of the last sip of coffee, dipped in, it left me with a taste of positivity, as I acknowledged its taste and also the fact that we are only diverse to conjunct,

Deep in, this seeped just as that last sip of coffee did….

Bye for now, till we meet again…..







One thought on “Coffee by the window… Coffee diaries 3

  1. ‘We must play our roles with conviction.’ That’s an important statement in today’s context. Very thoughtfully written indeed!


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