Me too in herd ???

Ashita decided to  wrap up her simple humble career in the village, which though gave her a lot of satisfaction, left her yet unsatisfied.

She had studied medicine, and was a senior doctor in a hospital , at the outskirts of Sangli, where medical facilities were  limited and dedicated doctors like her were like blessings from above.

So when to the dismay of the whole village, she announced that she was leaving, the whole village was in a state of shock.

“She was happy and content, then what made our dear doctor Ashita take this step”, said Ramlal ,  to Sharad Chauhan, their  chieftain , known as  Sarpanch  of the village.

“We need to get to the bottom of this” said Sharad Chauhan.

So a meeting was held, where Ashita was asked to be present.

Ashita went to the meeting which was held the next day, that is a day after she had announced her leaving the village.

As she walked her way to the Sarpanch’s office she had mixed feelings.

She usually commuted on her moped, but today somehow, things were different.

She needed sometime to herself, and the best solution seemed to be to walk it up, and as she did so she pondered within what made her take up the lucrative offer, which came her way, all of a sudden out of the blue, from Mumbai, the glamourous city, which was also her home?

Maybe as she reflected, the offer was too good to resist.

As  she retraced her life, she discovered that even as a small kid, she loved gardening, tending to little saplings, watering them,  and as they turned into full bloom, she loved the way they blossomed, and flowered, admiring their each little flower, from the budding stage to the blossoming.

Then when her parents wanted her to settle down, she insisted on getting into the medical stream, and worked her way up the medical ladder, in order to serve people.

In order to serve people was that what she thought?

Then what had happened?

Was she not serving people?

What made her think of resigning?

As she went back into observing her thoughts, she came across another layer, of them, which came above the first one.

Well these thoughts were the recollection of  the conversation she had with her friends, her peers a few months ago, when she had gone home visiting her parents.

They had met up at a party, and as discussions were on, as to their careers and career graphs, all of them, Ruchi, Mathew, Ronnie and Sakshi, all who had graduated from the same medical college as she, were doing very well, monetarily as well as socially.

They had updated themselves and were constantly working on new upgrades, and new technological developments did not miss their keen eye, thus upgrades all along, put them on to the fast track to success.

When they heard about her work and how she treated villagers with the minimum of tools yet to the best of her ability, they were astounded till Ruchi, burst out at her and said” Ashita,  I understand your need to serve the poor and needy, but there has to be a limit, you need to come back home and join our team of dedicated doctors if you really want to grow and climb the ladder to success”.

Though, Ashita refused  their offer, adamantly, it did set her thinking.

” She knew now that her friends were not wrong and Ruchi had spoken enough on behalf of all of them.

Still pondering and in a state of dilemma, she went home and spent a sleepless night in bed.

She enjoyed being home and working from the home environment, and this could be the best thing which could happen for her.

She knew this all along, then why did she opt otherwise?

Well confused, she decided to give herself a break from deciding what could be best for her, and much to the dismay of her parents, she cut her trip short and went back to her village, where she practiced.

She had a choice to make, and this seemed to be the right time.

She was just 26 years old, and at the prime of her life and career.

Then as things would have it, sometimes in a dilemma, when you are confused, certain things come your way, and push you on towards making a  choice which seems appropriate.

She was in the midst of treating her patients, when all of a sudden Ramesh, the 13 year old, in her neighbourhood ran up to her, crying desperately that his mother was very serious and to please come soon.

Ashita, left her patients to run to the help of Rani, Ramesh’s mother, and on examining her realised that she would have to be rushed to the hospital, as there was an internal haemorrhage, and she was bleeding profusely.

She called for the ambulance, and knew she would have to admit her, in the BMC hospital in Sangli, which was at least 8 kms away.

The ambulance arrived in about half an hour, and despite the paramedics extended to her, Rani could not survive, as neither the ambulance or the temporary hospital at the clinic was equipped  to face major emergency  cases.

This incident shook her, and instead of standing ground, she broke from within, thinking it best to return to her home, where she would be able to do more justice to her profession as resources available would be plenty.

And now as she walked towards, the Sarpanch’s office, she had mixed feelings from within.

Was she running away?

Or was she carried away and wanted to join the Me Too gang, which includes most people, who miss their heart callings, thus miss the head start in life ,which always comes along with the heart and not the mind?

Me too, is the me in you, which loves being like the other me, that is the herd mentality, which leads you on, to a life in the herd.

Ashita had been on her job here since she graduated 2 years ago, and enjoyed being out of her herd, but now their was a pull to team up with them, and it seemed strong now.

Would she give up her individuality, and join the herd?

She slowly walked down the pathway, by the river Warana, and passed the little school in the lane ahead. The familiar route had a fragrance indescribable.

The cool evening breeze, brushed across her face, and she was glad that she had tied up her hair.

She felt free, there was no hair coming over her face into her eyes, and then all of a sudden something strange happened,

As the hair was restrained, enabling her to enjoy the breeze over her face, she realised she loved her job, and if lack of  resources and technological updates which restrained her enjoying her work, were reversed nothing would ever come in her way and change her decision of staying back here and serving the people.

It was indeed the lack of proper facilities, which caused her to think otherwise.

Now by the time she reached the Sarpanch’s office, she had clarity.

She was an individual who stood by herself for herself, and that seemed final.

” She was definitely not a Me too person.

So in she went and met the committee members   Sharad Chauhan, Ramlal and Manoharlal,  warmly and as they coaxed her to change her decision, she came out with a brilliant idea, telling them that the only way they could coax her to stay, was by upgrading their resources, and she in turn as per her part of the deal would upgrade herself too with the latest technologies and procedures and together they would be able to turn the village into a healthy haven.

As they all agreed, and thanked each other, she smiled to herself, and with a sparkle in her eyes,  she winked at her familiar friends, the birds, the trees,  and the little passer by children ,  knowing very well she had struck a deal, a deal of joy, a deal for herself, one she would never ever regret.

So friends, its only when we observe ourselves without limiting ourselves, by our thoughts based on our conditioning, which teaches us to be competitive, win the race of god knows whose race, and in our struggle to be like the other, that is when you will have a clear vision of who and what you are, thus leaving the herd , the” Me too” gang and standing up for yourself for a joyous life ahead….




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