The best ever story…

The story I am about to narrate, did not begin when it did, it begins when it ends…

The story of Aaron Roy.

Aaron’s story may be the successful story of many, and it could end up as any, successful story would, with a  happy ending, but then as it ended so it actually began, unlike the others, where the strive is for a happy ending..

Aaron  grew up, seeing his parents struggle, to make two ends meet, and as he shaped up into a teenager, he aspired  otherwise.

He saw their struggle , he saw their strife, so he strived harder, to see that they reach a future away from struggle.

In the bargain he grew up, achieving, first small achievements, like smart sales at his father’s spare parts shop, seeing the stocks diminish and the cash drawers replenish.

Those were the days, when selling was the spelling of success.

Then as he filled his coffers, his requirements increased.

He achieved a little more, and in his enthusiasm to achieve, he slipped down the ladder, not once, not twice but several times.

Well achieving  was in his blood, be it materially or spiritually.

Anything to climb the ladder upward.

Doing so , climbing upward, and slipping down, and then climbing upward again seemed to be his meaning to life.

As if this wasn’t enough, being the Samaritan, and helping out in times of distress, seemed to be a calling, he always answered.

As loads of people benefitted by  his good  deeds, it seemed to give him another sense of achievement.

Living with fewer means than children of his age, and also experiencing deaths of loved ones at an early age,  had inculcated in him compassion, and with this special ability he was able to reach out and connect to people in distress, who worshipped him, which was another feather in his cap of achievements.

Name, fame and riches they were all his.

Then all of a sudden as time flew by, and as the body got weary,  he suddenly stopped on the steady ground where he was grounded.

It suddenly seemed shaky. Was it shaking or was it something within him telling him that what he thought was steady was shaky instead?

Well could he retrace his steps, or was it too late in the day to do so?

Achievements  were the worldly, milestones he crossed with ease, as despite the rough barriers on his path,  he never did cease.

It had become a way of life now.

Then suddenly what happened? What did shake him out of the firm grounds of success as per his beliefs?

Were his beliefs warped?  and if so had he wasted his time and life on their very grounds.

All of a sudden, instead of feeling pleased , he  felt an emptiness within.

Now what? he seemed to be asking himself.

Why was he restless, yet? Was it not what he wanted? Was it something else he wanted to achieve, or was it that this is what he thought life was all about, to live, and achieve, till you stop living .

Was that the definition of a life, so valuable?

As he sat down in despair wondering if this was his story and had he reached the end?

If this was his story, then he was sorry, for he knew now, that an entire life spent on a belief system could lead you to achieving your beliefs but then was it not important to live life the way it shows you to.

Aha but then again you cannot see it as it is, and cannot taste its nectar, as your cup is filled with your belief systems.

Oh my what had he just got himself to do, to be?  he so wondered.

An achiever of a story which was not his? or a non achiever to a story that was his?

Whatever, at this point of time his story did not seem the best.

Now he was restless and desperate to find an answer.

Then as his desperation intensified, he realised he was asking for another achievement, being the habitual achiever, who believed in achieving.

This time however, he knew for sure, that achieving was not what he was striving for, but for an awareness, without strive, of what is, and of himself and as he became aware of this achieving  tendency of his,

He Just Let Go.

He let go of all he knew, and all of it, the strive for achievement, the  feeling of must do to survive, the time table around which he revolved, and all of his belief systems, by just watching it all come into him, as he observed himself by himself.

Then suddenly all was calm, as  nothing mattered, except the silence which made him serene, calm, and opened up into another window, a dimension he had never seen.

Yes it was that intellect which surpassed all, and there was love, beauty, compassion, all there, and it was there all along.

He did not need to ever have strived to achieve this.

Was it a life wasted in strife, was it too late now?, he asked himself

when all of a sudden a voice said from within,

No its now and you are here at the very beginning…


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