When Life overtakes Death….

Hear yourself say that to yourself?

Well as I sat by the window, my favourite spot, lazing around, scrolling the news, looking out of the window, and unable to see even the lone passer by I saw a while ago, something came up all of a sudden, banging into me, as if I was hit by a boulder.

As I pulled myself together, I heard my heart throbbing, a melancholy set in, and out of the blue , the air was pensive.

Wow… this was indeed amazing, I told myself as I watched the transformation of moods ,how did this just happen? I went deeper within..

I had started off enjoying the view outside the window, then what was it all of a sudden, that changed my pleasantry into melancholy?

OK, watching outside, took me on to the days before the lockdown, when sitting by the window sill, I would see a hustle bustle of people, all shades and sizes, some cheerful, some in a hurry, some just walking down in the garden, listening to their favourite music, or talk as they completed their exercises.

Some just strolled, while the other sat on the huge tank ,near the garden, enjoying the breeze, and gathering up for small chat.

Suddenly then came in the throbbing, that things weren’t the same, and off I went into a sad pensive mood, wanting to sing, my favourite Sound of Music song,

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start,

Then it all came back ,

This indeed is a new beginning, and ‘”When you know the notes to live, you can live through everything”.

Something banged again, this time the boulder fell of my shoulder, as in came this with a bang…

I’m starting at the very beginning, are you on?

In the beginning, I came with the only thing,

which could sustain me, all along,

And as you look within, you too will see what I see,

What we brought along, was the faith to see us through.

Through in our journey of life.

Was  not faith our vehicle, to tide across this vast ocean?

Cause was it not the reason, why we crawled and walked, into this vast jungle of life, without a fear .

Was it not the reason, we learnt to run, drive, swim and fly?

Was it not the reason, we advanced on to the path, and experimented on with various experiences?

This ocean we truly call life.

Where in its darkness and uncertainty

Faith changed it all.

Well then why as we walked on and advanced on to the mainstream of life, did we lose it?

Why all of a sudden faith gave us the slip?

For as we plunged into the main stream of life,

we slipped from being ,

to the ones who would be.

In our quest for the very best, we were insatiable,

And running behind more, life suddenly became unsuitable.

Suddenly in the rat race of life, death was overtaking it,

As were we not dying, in a life meant for living?

Then all of a sudden a screech, a sudden halt.

We were grounded, and now,

As we all sit , locked down at home,

I am sure this comes to you too, as it comes to me.

Apart from memories pulling you into wanting the life you just had a few months ago,

Apart from the worries of what you perceive as an uncertain tomorrow,

As you perceive your now as it is now, do you not see what I see?

A wonderful time, we never knew of,

Of a family which is truly one, and not just by name,

The time to bond, love and be together,

With good thoughts for friends, family and all around.

For compassion, which is just not passion,

The eyes which see the relentless work carried on selflessly all around.

For care and concern for the ones who serve us and all brethren.

When anger and jealousy gives way to peace and empathy.

When suddenly you need so little, that as you sit back and wonder,

“Was it for this did I wander away from myself, gripped in fear, as I felt I needed more, to survive this huge ocean called life.”?

I had indeed mistaken desires for needs, and as I sit back I realise,

I can go back to the very beginning, when I was peaceful, blissful, without a care,

All I had with me was faith, my faithful friend,

Faith made me trust myself,

A trust a belief so unsurpassable,

I knew I had it all, that was why I took the plunge,

into the deep sea of life.

Now as I sit by here, I know like you do too,

We’ll come out of this situation unscathed, and clean.

Set to start again, a slate clean, never to fill,

With the memories of the past,  wants and  desires,

Just to be, live and enjoy the moment as it offers,

And then at night when I sleep, my slate is not foggy but clean,

hence so will be my vision,

For me to take in, what comes my way as it is .

Then dear friends, nothing matters nothing ever will,

Cause the taints are off, and faith is on,

Then we know for sure, that we are on the road where life overtakes death.

So let’s get together and make our lives meaningful, wonderful and joyous.

Cheers to all of us and to a life of blissful freedom..












2 thoughts on “When Life overtakes Death….

  1. Saying N Doing has Vast Differences ,,, If one Does What is Blogged N Dare to come Back With Just change of perception of the same old coin which has two sides ,,,It will sure shot Bring positive fearlessness ,,,, to New old life .


  2. Beautifully written! This article not only inspires but also motivates to live a meaningful life during dark times prevailing today. Great!


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