When your business becomes mine…..

Dear friends,

I know that minding ones business  has been the norm of the day, until now, and may it always be. I want to admit that though I very much wanted to mind my business, my heart did not permit me to do so. So this is my heartfelt request to you all.

Here we are together, working as a team to ward off a common deadly enemy, the Corona.

All of us, young ,old and child all have the same agenda.

However the way we understand it is very different.

Our  dear  doctor friends, their young 10 year old daughter, Anushka Nagare, just wrote a poem yesterday which touched my heart.

Here’s it :

“Corona corona go away
Don’t come back another day
All doctors need some rest
Cause they really are the best
We all need to stay inside
Only then will corona wait outside
Corona will go away one day
Don’t worry, there is a way
If you don’t wash your hands
Then corona and you will wear friendship bands
Don’t go out, just stay in
Do this and then surely we will win
Don’t fret, stay calm
There is no need to be alarmed
Stay home, that is all you need to do
Come on, this is all up to you🤗

Now as adults can we not go a little deeper and understand the gravity of the situation?

The solution is simple to understand.

By staying home, washing our hands often,  and maintaining social distancing, we will be successful in warding off a disease which is unseen by the naked eye.

Where the virus is lurking no one knows?

Yesterday,  I saw an elderly lady going out of the gate, on the road, to buy fruit from a vendor,.

She had a  mask on, and everything just seemed acceptable till I discovered that her whole family was quarantined as they had tested positive initially, however were negative now. Did  you know that the family could be infective for 14 days?  She was in close contact with the vendor and other customers who had come to pick up fruits.

On confronting her, she told me innocently that she was tested negative, so not to worry, and said” What goes of yours, you are sitting in the cool confines of your home, please mind your own business.”

I was shocked, as I then realised that I couldn’t just do so.

Her business was suddenly mine, and if I did not act now it would be too late.

Well I got a very dear and helpful friend from the building she came from, to set things right. She acted promptly thanks to her, by involving the secretary and chairman of the building, and the corporator of the area who put down strict norms on the same.

Also we sent the vendor home, as his standing there invited more customers, from different buildings, with unknown contacts. We told him to give deliveries at the gate only, in slots of one or two , and to please inform in advance so exact payment is handed over.

Well we all need to be contained in our specific areas as of now.

We think we  know what to do, and think we are sacrificing all,  but we know not how.

Could you ever imagine that a pizza boy handling deliveries  of pizzas  happened  to get  infected, so now the whole chain of people, he delivered to, would have to be looked into and checked ,and till that is done, another link of infected people could be joining the chain, enlarging it , as is also done, as his colleagues who were also at the same  pick up outlet as he, got infected and joined the chain.

So where is all this leading to?

Do we want to get out of this maze once and for all, or do things half heartedly, thinking we are doing it all.?

Could we all just not shut up and stay still, for some time, till we tide across?

This is a state of crisis, and we all have to work together to ward off Corona, it is attacking from all fronts and can come in from anywhere.

So be aware to beware of the lurking danger..

I am not here to dishearten you, but in a situation like this I can’t say anything heartening unless and until we manage to combat the virus.

For now all of you please mind your neighbour’s business.

It is your business to see that people around you maintain social distancing.

It means not allowing anyone who does not reside in your  building to come in, as we do not know whom he has contacted before he enters the premises.

Also everyone in the building stays in, in order to avoid contact with anyone else, who might have met yet another anyone else, and so on and on, as we all are linked by an endless chain.

I know essentials are important for each and everyone of us, that is when you diligently look at options which require minimum exposure to the outside environment.

Your local vendors who have been serving you all along, are the best option today.

Your first option would be to contact them and get your requirements, at your door step.

Also please do not forget to wash all essentials with water, if washable, like fruits and vegs, and the other provisions you could use sanitising wipes or even plain wipes, and then of course wash your hands too.

I know this sounds cumbersome, but believe me, a bucket of water at the entrance could do the trick.

Slowly we will also get used to consuming only the bare minimum, and avoiding extravagant purchases.

Some of us may feel the local vendors are more expensive, however right now, it should not matter, as other costs are all cut, with no restaurants, parties, cinemas etc, we can henceforth afford to pay a little more for our safety.

We are entering a new phase in our lives, where we can  just discover our true selves. Believe me, we can go back to the simple living our fore fathers once enjoyed and if we have the patience to wait and taste it, it is going to be beautiful and tasteful.

Love, laugh, enjoy, with family and friends, far and near, however distant , we are close as we all belong to one family. Today the more distance , the more closer we are, in ending an otherwise,  never ending chain of a dreadful virus, which can claim unending lives and can cause havoc to the ones who survive.

As we do so, let’s sincerely pray and contribute for our not so well equipped brethren, who are struggling to live closed in their cramped up hot and ill ventilated quarters.

Remember this is not the end, and life will return to normal soon, however as for now, let’s break the chain, corona wants to bind us in. Come on all of you, you are not giving up anything except a  miserable existence you once called life, that existence which was full of anxiety, stress, heartache, ill health and sickness.

Now as we set free of the Corona chain, we will set ourselves free and live each day, where each day will be worth living for..




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