Who am I?

Did you ask yourself this too?

You did, didn’t you?

I’m sure you did.

cause you and I are no different.

Well Congratulations!

We are moving a step ahead in consciousness.

Loving buffet breakfasts for their fantastic spread, especially their fresh bakery products, I usually go in for the customary egg whites, trying out different preparations, each day, with a toast.

Then visiting their bakery section, I fill a plate of a piece of different products like a croissant, a muffin, an apple pie, etc.( Of course I see to it that I share it with my companion)

In between I grab a bite of the other variety from either my husband’s  plate or from the plate of my companion.

So this morning at the Leela’s in Goa  was no different.

I picked up my customary plate of savouries, when I realised the waffle counter was very attractive, and seeing a lady pick up one, topped with cream and chocolate sauce, and to top it she also had a kiwi crush as well as a raspberry sauce as accompaniment, I decided to go in for that too.

In the bargain I ended up wasting the savoury plate.

Without giving it much thought , or feeling any rremorse I happily walked off to my room.

Now deciding to balance our food intake, both of us( my husband and me) decided to go light on the lunch.

So ordering a stir fry veg, with mushrooms, and water chestnuts, and a burnt asparagus garlic fried rice, we ate it blissfully, feeling its original flavours and relishing the taste, and discussing the graciousness of the hands responsible for us to get  us such tasteful food.

It was then that all of a sudden, I happened to notice the people sitting on the next table,  they were eating with plate fulls, and not knowing what food they were eating, they went on trying out new varieties. ( Well buffets always seem attractive, however in reality it is not so).

As a result, ended up wasting too much food.

In the beginning I felt disgusted but soon realised that they were a mirror of my own image.

Well looking at them, I only realised that I was no different, I had done the same thing in the morning.

So this incident did make me conscious, and I swore I will never waste food.

Though wastage is not acceptable, and we know it and try to implement it, there are times when we slip.

It is not you and me it is us.

So as we observe around, we see things, and people behaving in certain fashions which do not appeal to us, but as we observe closely, we are them, we are the same.

In actuality I am the common consciousness of man, no different.

The day I realise this, and the day I change for the better, I know for sure, the consciousness of mankind will also take  a turn for the better.









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