Dare to Dare… – Dare to do the Things in Life – DeepSweep

Dare to do the Things in Life

Read our article which has a profound deep meaning. Our direction has already been determined, we’ve to walk with a smile, whatever happens in life.

Dare to do the things you  wouldn’t dare…

The things you always felt like doing, but never did, cause you didn’t dare.

That is when consciousness emerges,  to teach you to do what you care.

As a kid, it was always your friend, flowing along with you everywhere.

Carefree and lovely were those days, when we just did what we saw, yes we were there every moment, and that is why the memories of childhood are still vivid and an integral part of our being.

The balloon man, who came with colourful attractive balloons, and the whiff  of the evening breeze.

The winters were joyous too , what with the snowman, and snowballs, and dear Santa in the cool freeze.

The pure fragrance of the first rains, the sight of birds in the air, the wind blowing your hair.


Well how could you forget the times when chocolate, and candies tasted their best, and were lots to share.

Those were the days where you could dare to do what you wanted to, to run and somersault in the open fields, to play  without a care in the sand and mud.

Emerging soiled and dirty, without a worry,

Why was it that adults fussed so much for, did you not wonder?

To get into fields eating and  plucking,  berries, and fruits ,secure in the feeling of true belonging.

You belonged here and so did the tree, the math was right.

You ‘ll were whole, and belonged together,

Not to be divided by any rights of yours or mine.

Caste or creed failed to exist underneath the mango tree.

Well that was childhood in all its glory,


Then one day, as the days went by, it slowly waned away, and disappear it did, never to appear.

As I stood , over the years, wondering as to where it was gone,

I knew it was here all along,

I had gone, lost in the midstream of life,

In its wilderness, I missed its calls .

My strong fort was under siege,

Captured by the ego, who teamed up with the should’s and shouldn’ts ,

Thus making its fortress strong.

These tyrant dictators,  I succumbed to , but not anymore,

As a voice within, dares me to dare,

To differ, and oust these nasty beings.

The war is on to oust them out,

Tough is the fight, the voice within says do not relent.

All you have to do is follow me , flow with me, and listen to my call from within.

Dare to differ, as you prefer,to stand up and answer the clarion call,

To take you back to where you belong.

The  conditions you find comfort in need to be unconditioned.

So,Unlearn the learnt..

Dare to differ from  a world , unreal, of

whispering, nagging voices sounding real,

“If you do this, what will they say?”

How can you do this, it is not acceptable?

“You should learn to return what you have received?”

“So and so did this for you, so you should do the same too.”

“Oh, how can you dress like this?,”

“It is only becoming that you respect her, she is the who is who of our society”, and so on and on…”

Then we have the know all’s, the well read literates, who live satisfied in their  intellectual pursuits, and who beyond the bookish theories,  cannot read, the simple theory of the universe.

Are we not confining our world to a group of people and working our way around them, that we can’t see beyond.. for yonder is the life we should explore in all its glory and magnificence.

That is when from within  a voice tells us”Oh but I want to desperately get out.”

Then  dare it.

Dare to draw the line, and step out of the circle of social demands,

Dare to not complain, if you lose all your friends and close relatives,

Dare to hear, that you are weird.

Dare to dance in a room full of scoffers.

Dare to enjoy life in the face  of the martyrs.

Dare to come out of your cosy shell , and extend you hand to the hand in need.

Dare to share, a bit of your bit of cake.

And when you know,you cannot have your bit of cake and eat it to,

Then  dear friends,  is the time to make your choice,

To change it to the otherwise ..

Dare to find your true calling in a life that dares you to ..

It’s signals are clear, letting us know that no matter how hard we try, we cannot understand its mysteries, unless we pause, stop, and act in accordance, flowing in the direction it wants us to, cause it is not ours to question why, and no matter how much we deceive ourselves by thinking we do things, things happen as they should, and unless and until we understand so, the universe has the last laugh.

Well lets dare to understand those signals and stand in unison with life, to be able to laugh along…

2 thoughts on “Dare to Dare… – Dare to do the Things in Life – DeepSweep

  1. Absolutely Deepika! Our path is already decided, we have to walk along with a smile, come what may. This article has deep philosophical meaning. Very well written indeed!


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