The Light to a new Dawn.

Yes, it’s today and now.

When you wake up from deep slumber, you invite the new morning.

I do not mean the morning most of us see when we get up and the sun is up.

I  mean the morning when our inner sun rises, within and fills us up with a light, where darkness does not pervade.

Yes, that is why we are all here, to find light and merge in it.

So, dear friends whenever you wonder why you are here, and what is the purpose of your being, then your purpose of being is to be.

Prabha comes in again, her Prabhat has just begun, when she along with her singer son, patiently awaited their turn to a calling that was theirs.

Mihir settled in Adhar, both Manas and Prabha, ran pillar to post, to kick start Manas’s  singing career, in Mumbai.

There were days of long wait, dejection and sometimes a feeling of  hopelessness.

However, as this thought of helplessness came in , Prabha quickly brushed it aside, as a thought which came in and exited a it should.

She schooled Manas, who was under depression as he had lost his father, who was  his only friend and confidante, and Mumbai being a new city to them, finding his grounding here seemed impossible. Prabha did not lose hope.

I guess she knew that was the only thing that was hers for now.

However, after much running, from pillar to post, she met the right contact and Manas was invited to perform and share the stage with TV celebrities.  Manas sang, and  to our delight the incredible  applause he received, rang in the light to a new dawn.

Prabha held on, she did not despair or give up, though there were times, when she felt it seemed like the end, however she decided to just be.  

It is darkest before dawn, it’s true, this is one of nature’s phenomena, which exists not only outward but also inward.

The sun rises much before it can be seen over the horizon.

Do we wait for it to rise over, or can we see the illumination, before its rise, also can we see the darkest period before the dawn?

Nature’s phenomena is the same whether we are on an outward journey or an inward search. It is only when you understand its law and merge the outward with the inward do you rise, and attain the purpose of your very being.

During the darkest period of life, there seems as if  there is no life, at that stage if you can hold the moment, and transcend the fear and hopelessness to faith and hope, then and only then will you be able to witness the light of a new dawn.




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