Are we journeying ,towards a journey?

Are we on a journey to the end or on a journey to another journey?

As I sit by the window and look out, I see a mad rush of people running hither tither, trying to grope out to reach somewhere, to office or to school or to deliver goods.

Looking back a few years, I was one of them, enjoying the hustle bustle life offered, and basked in the busyness, life offered if you asked for it.

When you run in the rat race, on a mad pace, how can you stop?

Why should you stop?

You stop only when you cannot run.

This is no fun.

Can you quit while you can and not when you can’t?

That’s about all there is to understand.

Avanti, loved life, and worked hard to  help Aakash, her husband make  ends meet.

They were blessed, as their work bore fruits, and they reached unimaginable heights. They were the proud owners of industries, spread far and wide through out the country.

When Avanti had the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of her work, and rise to power and fame, she quit from her post, because her inner self reminded her of her true calling.

Of course not before she ensured, that her help was not required . She did not leave in a lurch, but accepted the fact that it would not make a difference any more if she quit, as  the able younger generation had stepped in, and everything was well taken care of.

This was a conscious decision she took, after much thought, and though taking the decision was not easy, she knew she had to.

She was on a journey to an end and not on a journey to a journey.

Sometimes we continue a journey because it is pleasant and we are habituated to it.

Life’s phases require you to change your roles as per the changing of the phases, and the inner voice within reminds you so.

She was indeed  one of the lucky ones to stop and listen to her inner voice.

Are they a few of us who cannot hear the voice, as we are so engrossed in the rat race, and if we do pause and hear it, we cant abide by the calling within, as that would mean changes in our life, which we do not want to do.

Let’s take the case of Prabha. It was yesterday that we learnt of how she left her mentally handicapped son, at Adhar.

Even though the going was tough, it was a change she had to accept. Her mind did not accept it at first, she brought back her child initially, but then as she strengthened herself and braced up to face reality, she succeeded.

A very commendable point to note in the case of Prabha was that she did not quit out on life when the going was tough.

She stood like a rock and faced all odds. Her husband’s illness and sudden death, as well as children disabled,  financial constraints, relatives who were unsupportive,  she had  it all in her platter.

I admired her spirit, and the strength it takes to do what she did, was commendable. She held on, with faith and patience, till one day after her husband’s death, when it seemed all dark, light appeared.

She followed it to sunlight, where now she is on the road to new beginnings…

For new beginnings the old has to die.

So dear friends don’t shirk change, accept it, and move on to the light of a new dawn.






4 thoughts on “Are we journeying ,towards a journey?

  1. Yes indeed we need to detach ourself from this noisy world and silence our mind to hear our inner voice. Beautifully written Deepika. 🙏


  2. One day even I want to quit everything and do little things that I always want to own a small garden and take care of it like my own children.. journey from young age to old age..

    Liked by 1 person

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