A Comedy of Errors.

When errors turn into comedies, you know you are on the sunny side up.

Walking across the street the other day, I saw two children haggling over a silly toy.

I thought, “What a futile waste of energy?

But then, little did I know that they were meant to be. They had to expel energy to welcome it again.

Then they fought harder; the older child pushed, the younger one causing her to fall.

Undaunted, she rose and retook her stand. This went on and on, and one day as adults, they too realised it was futile.

When did the one day appear, sooner or later?

Did it happen soon enough for them to realise that errors are comical, or did it happen later for errors to convert tragical?

Well, friends, it’s time again.

Did I hear you say,” For what?

I don’t know for what, but this I do know, we’re at it exploring further.

As I write this down, I’m yet to traverse on the page below, which is empty, and as I look at the blanks, I’m conscious of not letting my words drown.

So here we go, staying abreast in the stream, we move on to another comical error.

The girl next door was stuck up, I was sure, for her upstart looks and snobbish attitude said it all,

She pulled an unoccupied chair off my table, breezing it away with a haughty glare.

My eyes red with anger, I got up to flare, when my friend beside me, said: ” Shh. be quiet”.

Undeterred, I turned around to tell her off when a loud noise startled me. Two hooligans entered just then, turning tables in a fraction of a second.

My flared anger ( Target revised) glared at the hooligans as I swore under my breath, ” How dare you?

But before I could attack, they came to the table next to me and dragged away “Miss Snooty.”

Then that was when I gaped, for before I ran to her rescue, she was on it, as she warded hooligan no 1, by punching him, at that vulnerable spot which was meant to hurt the most.

As he staggered and fell groaning in pain, the other one caught her unawares, and as she stood helpless, about to resign in defeat, I reached her.

Sensing I would attack him, the man let her go and pounced on me. Unawares and unprepared, I would have fallen prey if not for our snooty friend.

As soon as he let her go and caught hold of me, she bit his hand, gnawing into his flesh and held on till he was yelping, loosening his grip on me.

Then both of us signalled to each other through perfect eye movements. As our eyes coordinated, we managed to pin them down; she contributed with karate blows, and me with the forceful energy of my anger.

Soon the restaurant authorities took over, and as the hooligan’s game got over, ours had just begun.

I was faced with Miss snooty, who now appeared anything but snobbish.

We laughed, and as I laughingly told her, how I had felt about her. She answered, “It’s funny, but you appeared the same to me.”

And now don’t gape, as I let the cat out of the bag, for we had met earlier at Bela’s party, and as we argued over the political scenario then, we created an image of the other.

” The snob thinks she’s right and can’t see my viewpoint; who does she think she is blah blah and blah… I chattered on till I concluded, ” She’s a B….”

And she thought I was a self-centred wanna be who couldn’t be.

So we had erred, but we had the good fortune to reverse it. As we told each other our stories, we realised we were amid a comedy.

As I laughed heartily recollecting this episode, I stumbled on, “It’s time to convert your errors into a comedy rather than live in the darkness of tragedy.

Time and again, we meet people of all sorts, some suit us, our temperament and our thinking, but most often than not, most don’t.

Please don’t brandish them; go along, and listen to them, accepting them. Here is where we develop a relationship. A relationship to love and cherish. A relationship that is the core of living.

Relating to everyone and all around, conflicting none. Errors of understanding need to be understood, thus paving the way towards the light.

Remember the times when you erred and then understood that you erred. That hearty laugh, the light giggle, brings you to the sunny plane.

Then the times when relationships drew you apart, into the black hole of hate, hurt and conflict. One came and passed out of life most of the time, holding hurt and resentment. For what?

Was your life to begin and end tragically? Just because you erred and couldn’t realise the hurt caused by the error was nothing but your image of the illusion, you created, calling it life.

Well, wake up, dear friend, and make up with estranged friends and family. On your backside awaits two opposites, one confidant of your decisions, knowing you would choose it over the other.

The confidante one today is none other than the tragedy king, who, of course, makes his mark most often than not, but undeterred is the comedy king.

Yes, the comedy king versus the tragedy king. For king you are in your own right, but somehow tragedy always feels it has the upper hand.

That is when you may ask, why are inclinations towards the negative, making life a tragic one. Why are we inclined towards austerity, hardships creating a sorrowful existence for attainment of Nirvana?

Why are we so ready to judge people in the negative? Can we see ourselves for what we are before seeing the other?

What is the inadequacy I see in the other? Does it belong to me? Is it my own?

And then I see it as it is, I put everything aside, my idea, my view, my temperament, and then I go along calmly coolly, watching, aware, washing away earlier errors, as I move ahead, away from tragical paths, thus crowning the comedy king.

I see comics in life’s twists and turns, each one leading you to a new turn. It sometimes causes errors, but they vanish in your innocence of being, leaving you light and alive.

5 thoughts on “A Comedy of Errors.

  1. Yeah! That’s so right. We very easily point fingers at others but don’t look at ourselves into the mirror. One must try to enjoy the twists & turns in life rather than making them a burden. Very thoughtfully written by the author.😊👍🌹


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