Missed the Bus… Have You?

Of course I have, said Anita, who was struggling over a family property for years, on end, with no results, and after days of waiting, came the day when she felt her struggles would end.

The judge seemed all ears, and things seemed quite bright, when all of a sudden the tables turned.

Her trusted counsel took up for the opposition, and stalled the hearing for another date.

This situation is familiar is it not?

How many times have we faced such situations in our life, and feel that we’ve missed our bus.

I’m sure most of you agree with me, on this.

However, how many of you will agree with me when I say, that all the buses we think we’ve ever missed were not ours to catch in the first place.

I’m sure you won’t agree with me, now, but will do so, when you read the below incident which happened recently .

Simple it may sound, but to me it was far from being simple, as I knew just then that I had missed my bus.

The actual bus home..

Just right now, sitting on my chair, gazing out, is me, a woman I didn’t think I knew a second ago.

I thought I was wise and careful not to fall into the “me” bracket, which invariably invites hurt and resentment.

A second changed it all.

For here I am, sulking as my husband who helped me clean up the kitchen, casually commented , that the kitchen was a mess, and that even the kitchens at hotels would not be as messy with their variety of dishes, as mine was.

This didn’t go down well with me, and I retorted back asking him if he’d ever been to one.

Disgusted I stomped out of the kitchen and walked to my desk.

As I looked out of the window, the scene was all new.

And it was then that I knew, I had missed my bus.

For only an hour ago, everything looked so bright and nice, and now it was all dark and dull.

Well could I not just take it lying down?

Could I not accept it so, and take it in my stride?

Why was everything around me centred in me?

Suddenly nothing seemed real, for what was real?

The bright and nice or the dark and dull ?

Who knows? Who cares, for at that moment I really didn’t. All I knew was that I live on as it is, sometimes in the light and sometimes in the dark.

We all do so don’t we?

Do we dare to look beyond? To a world beyond this, to the actual one.

No we can’t go beyond.

And why?

As whenever we try to do so, the me in me like the me in you, doesn’t let us do so, and you know why?

As if you go beyond, the me loses out.

How oft have we heard this wise crack, ” Come on, it’s not about you or me, it’s just this that is”.

“Oh what wisdom!”, says the listener, and there we go again, the wise man, forgets everything wise and then at the spur of the moment, remembers its all about him.

This is the bus we all miss, and this is the bus we all know nothing about.

The day we stand at the right bus stop, on the route which says” Beyond you”, there will be no bus we’ll ever miss.

As nothing else will ever matter.

Then with your heart and head in place, you will be able to see things as they are, crystal clear.

For as you go beyond you, the me centre then takes a back seat, and a discovery takes place,

allowing you to move on rationally, untainted by any image of the self.

Moving further down the path, the me centre suddenly disappears, and you clearly see what is, and not what appears.

Then what appeared as a missed bus , was just not so, as it was not a bus you missed, it just wasn’t yours.

Suddenly nothing seems to matter, except the fact, that you lost you, in your strive to catch the outer bus.

The deep sense of freedom you will then discover is all that you ever need to hold on to .

Don’t miss it at any cost.

It’s the one you find when you take a route beyond you, and the self in you.

It’s that place , where hate does not meet hate, where violence for violence is not the call of the day, where you can hold on to a love so profound that nothing else exists.

Then the need to do, the need to perform, the need to have a purpose, the need to be occupied, the need to be acknowledged, the need to be important, the need to be useful and so on and on.. just do not exist.

It all just happens, for as you flow along, with an open mind, you are set to go with a focus which naturally comes without the strive.

Everything just happens as it should, as then comes insight, the divine sight which does not let you miss any bus.

By any bus, I mean the ones meant for you, to traverse across the worldly path.

Then you can clearly see that the ones you thought you missed were never yours to catch.

So here we are friends, where we ought to be, in a world where there is enough for you and me,

Where we have no other need but to just be, and enjoy our journey, play our part, without malign and grievances.

Let’s learn to live and let live, without any division of the you and me.

Then together we will journey across the world and beyond, not as you and me, but as we…


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