As you slowly crawl into the realm of life

Dear Meher,

Today you are all of 5 months old,

Crawling in, may you take life as it comes by,

Pure as you are today,

May you be so everyday,

In the bitter sweet journey of life,

Enjoying both, may you remain untouched.

Thus constantly moving in this journey of life,

May you see it as it is.

As you crawl and mingle with other fellow mates,

May you never forget your sweet little self,

Our sweet little elf,

Nearest to the heart of the divine,

May you always reside in  love and peace,

Your love and glow,

May it be the light  you carry as you go,

Deep into the realms of a life you little know.

Loads of love, and wishes, as you crawl ahead,

to reach the point where you walk straight and proud,

Into the world of sorts, untouched and unaffected,

May you spread your love and light, to all in sight.

My lovely darling, as you grow,

I wish for you to know,

That life is love, and only love…

Yours truly,



4 thoughts on “As you slowly crawl into the realm of life

  1. All words Devine dedicated TO a Real Divine soul ” MEHAR”.
    MAY SHE REACH To PINNACLE ..May HER wisdom , truth , Grace & your true love guide Her to Be A Master With unparallel enlightment .. to achieve Rarest of Rare in life ❤️😘❤️ … May She Be Inspiron & MEHAR TO ALL.

    With love TO MEHAR !!!



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