A shift within…

Practice what you preach..

I told myself very sternly this morning.

Was writing this article on worry and understanding yesterday, and was to complete it today when in popped in the unwanted guest, worry ,ushering the wanted out…

Yes, worry entered my peaceful domain, much to my discernment, and unable to withstand my double standards, I stepped back, retreating from where I had come to, back into where I was,  I was at the pinnacle of understanding, my wanted companion, when worry caught hold of me, and told me, do not leave,me your friend behind…

Then in zoomed my habitual behaviour,  Oh, did I just say and do right?

Why was I always behind Pratibha, who just couldn’t help but depend on me?

What would happen to her if I did not just stand up for her, always and every time?

Would she be able to survive it?

And the worry went on gnawing within uprooting my very organs, until yes, I stood away..

I could see me from me.

This was me, a brooder only concerned about the self,  and I was this no different from what I saw.

Then  I ushered in Understanding,

And as understanding stood by me, I grew tall and large, overlooking the worry as if it never was,

Understanding told me that worry inhabits itself within, and doesn’t come from out.

It was here, when you were out, enjoying and basking in the sun,

and it was also here when you were in due to a storm.

All it knew was to inhabit your within, so that  you make it your habit.

It told me that ” We,( understanding and worry ), are sides of the same coin, and are present everywhere in all situations.

I’m the tail side.

Unfortunately, all of you choose heads over tails,

Choose me, ( cause you are what you choose to be), and then you will know dear friend that I am your true you, and will see you are fine, come rain and shine…

Worry is a habit, and Understanding is the light that you become, as you shed your habits…

Now Chintha and Chinthan…

Worry and  Understanding .. trail from sensitiveness and sensitivity respectively.

As I said why worry to my friend Preeti, I immediately realised that

I  had offended the worrier,

“Oh yes,sitting by the window side, looking out of the window, and typing away to glory, you can afford to say so, but look at me, working all day, with a meagre income, and 2 children to feed, I  worry about their future often, and what have I to understand, it is for you to understand my plight, and find a solution out for me, instead of harping all the time  your favourite dialogue” Why Worry”?

Ask me and I’ll give you a hundred reasons why one should worry”, retorted Preeti, seemingly irritated with me.

Well I thought to myself ” Have I hit upon a sensitive chord and was it something I could not change ? Could I just understand her situation and let be for now, as she was in no mood to accept my advice

Anyway, years passed by, and having met Preeti the other day, I was surprised and shocked too.

She had the same frown on her face, and her brows were raised causing the forehead to wrinkle as one would when one is overly worried.

What now? I wondered, and did not have to wonder for long, when she came up to me, and burst out, sobbing,

Radha she said, I sure am disturbed,

You know Preena my daughter, had passed with flying colours, and had given a fantastic interview, only to receive a letter of rejection from the company, she so desired to join.

I need to act fast, and work out a way of getting her a job before she feels dejected and goes into a depression.

Wasn’t she the Preeti I had known?

I took her hands in mine, and looked at her face weary with worry.

Kissed her forehead and told her I understand.

She retorted “what do you understand?”

I grinned and  said , “I understand that worry has understood that to remain secure it needs to inhabit you.”

What?  she shrieked!

Stop playing tricks Radha, and for once explain to me what you mean.

Well, I replied, are you willing to listen?

Yes, oh yes.

Ok then let’s meet for coffee.

So the next day, as we sat down for a cup of coffee, I smiled and told her,

“Darling, I guess you are ready for a change,  observe and you will know,

You will understand things from now on, and as you understand them, you will also understand the forces of life, which lead you on.

Understanding those forces, and going along, will take you where you are meant to be, higher above, away from worry.

Observe yourself, you are the worry, as you are centred in the self,  and as you see yourself as this ,you will understand yourself, accept the way you are, and the very knowing and acceptance of yourself,  will transform you.

Chinta, most of our life is spent here.

Chinthan stands out knocking at the door, asking to be let in.

The room occupied by Chinta can never make way for Chintan.

When we start our day with Chinthan, we have made a head start.

Then I told her the story of Aryan.

Aryan, decided to quit his job of long standing as his work environment was non- conducive and he knew he could not survive in such negativity.

He was a sensitive soul, so quit his job, and was on the look out for a new job but in vain.

After worrying and running helter -skelter for jobs, he got up one morning, and told himself, that today he was just going to take it cool, and by that he meant, he would relax and take a day off from his cycle of worrying and hunting for jobs.

So, he sat down and had a hot cup of coffee, leisurely talking to his mother, and consciously avoiding any thoughts leading to worry and negativity.

As he sat with his mother, she spoke to him about all the events which happened during the past few days, while he was running from pillar to post.

He was astonished to hear that such major events happened all around him and that he was blind to them.

As she spoke, he consciously decided to look around, and understand situations around him.

In his sensitiveness, which comes when you are obsessed by the self, he had lost the finesse of sensitivity, and he decided to restore it.


All he did for the next few days was to meet people and discuss their various issues and concerns and provide apt solutions. It was not long before people looked up to him, and he built a good will to last him for ever.

On the basis of this strong foundation, he opened a consultancy firm, and soon had a flourishing business which he enjoyed doing.

What Aryan did was no rocket science, it just involved a shift in his thinking process, he changed his track, from the lower Chinta to the higher Chinthan.

From Sensitiveness to Sensitivity.

The tables turned, his circumstances changed, and lifted him up to higher newer pastures.

So all we need to alter in our daily life is our habit of worrying and brooding all the time, as the self and indulgence in the self, does not let us proceed beyond.

Whenever you worry, you are at stand still position, shift the gear to understanding, thus enabling you to cross over obstacles,  reaching you to the highest peak, where up above, you see things as they are, crystal clear….., where you are one with all.





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