My Lost I

Saturday morning up at dawn, at the desk at Vandevi, Reva, my forest home, a beautiful sight awaits me.

The sun is up, and its golden orange rays, beckon the morning, awakening the valleys.

Suddenly amidst the silence, the beautiful peacock greets its fellow beings, sparrows tweet, the flowers bloom up, even the monkeys acknowledge the morning growling in, their presence.

 As I wake up to this lovely sight, I realise I am awake, and this is when I ask myself

“Where was I, or was I here and unaware”?

Yes I was here and not really here.

So closed was I in thoughts that appeared, that I made them a guest, instead of lettingthem just pass by.

So, as I wake up, I realized that life is so simple if you look at it as a passer-by.For are not we passers-by in the journey called life?

Until now I tried to hoard everything I saw, attractive possessions, attractive relations,even thoughts were not spared.

Where was I?

Was there one or many?

 My real Iwas lost to the many, one of them wanted acceptance, at any cost, that to attain it, it changed its very nature, and created an image conditioned by social norms, designed by a society on the basis of so-called righteousness, which was translated and interpreted as they so deemed fit. Yes, I have been following a society who in their madness have lost their real I too.

Now the question was where was my real I?

It was beneath the I’s who galore in self-love and wallow in self-pity.

  As I realised, that I am here, for the very purpose to wake up, from the deep sleep,life has put me to, and acknowledge my very being, my presence to fill up my essence with the all-pervading abundance of love, enriching my soul as I move on……

I found it.

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