Understood ? Did you?

Forgive me if I encroach into a space not mine,

Let go if I hold on to a grudge, and frown,

Smile if I screech at you for no reason,

Well do you think I’m asking from you the impossible?

Is it a Gandhian approach?

Or is it what one might call a spineless act?

Well none of the above qualify, as true, when you really do what  one would do,

The one with an understanding, a real understanding of the forces behind life’s design.

Laws are made in life, by minds who think logical, and rules are made for the convenience of people, and in order that one doesn’t take the others, or harm the other.

However, those who put blinds on their eyes and move on planet earth as if like horses blinders, only following the road of rules, fail to miss the rule of  life.

Work with a deeper instinct, one which enables you to remove your blinders and look around seeing things you usually do not.

Real Meaning of Understanding

Here’s to Jayanti, a soft hearted kind soul is she, however at the same time a stickler for the right and wrong , she strives hard for a living, and perfectionist Jayanti almost always refuses to see the other side, of any action, which is performed not in conformity to the dictates of life.

So the other day as she came home from a hard day’s work satisfied that she had done her best, she sat down to relax on her favourite arm chair, and happened to look around, when she heard cars brake to a screeching halt. So loud was the noise, that her window panes rattled. As she looked out, she saw the man from the first car get out, and force the other out, accusing him and abusing him  of trying to overtake him, and thus telling him he may have caused damage to his vehicle The driver in the 2nd car, was honking and trying to overtake from the left, which was not in conformity with traffic rules and regulations.

As Jayanti looked out of the window, she was sure that the man who was trying to explain the rules to the other was very justified in doing so. However looking closely she realised that the  man from the other car was folding his hands and requesting him to let him go, a doctor he was and there was an emergency case to be attended to.

In this frenzy there was a traffic jam caused and the whole lane was jammed and all traffic was at stand still.

As Jayanti stood away and observed the whole incident she realised that this was the time when the doctor should be understood and should be  thanked for doing what his conscience told him to. Saving his patient was his priority and at that moment nothing else mattered.

The driver of the 1st car, conformed to rules, which here  just inconvenienced all what with the traffic jam, and may be in that jam was a person whose life could be in jeopardy due to this.

Rules could be manipulated to suit your ego ain’t it so?

Here does not something else work? Can we call it understanding?

Understanding comes from a higher source ,the one we can develop when we work on ourselves, when before we see, judge and act, we pause and see closely with our inner eye, and then suddenly things that appeared wrong, seem to look all right.

Suddenly a new light fills in expounding the darkness, which follows when we  hold on to things immaterial.

Jayanti saw all this in a flash, and realised that sometimes when circumstances come up demanding a tough call between life’s rules and breaking them, standing out as a non prejudiced witness, could bring in an understanding, which cause you to act rightly. To see things truly as they are without any type of prejudice we harbour, due to our set ideals, which come in the way of understanding people and situations as they truly are.

So can we  let go  of our prejudices, and not hold on to idealistic views, thus bringing  in light in our lives in the form of a true understanding?

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