The Ugly Duckling…

Hey baby, I’ve lost my way, as I walked in, the easy way,

For what looked straight and small, was indeed so crooked and long.

Life is just not about freebies and sweeties.

But today is special, as I just got one, and as I write, I’m inviting you too to get one.

Here I go, hope you get it too.

Well, this morning as I looked into the mirror, it showed me a different me, not the one I liked, but the real me.

Well I for one was infuriated, and questioned it sighing ” Why can’t you show me a different me, the one I want to be?”

It replied ” Why don’t you want to be who you are”?

Aw but doesn’t Rima look and have something more than I do?

My mirror looked back at me and replied firmly, “” Cut it, and get this straight, you are what you are, and the sooner you accept it so, the better, for you and me”.

“Ha ha don’t drag yourself in”, I sneeringly said.

And it replied smilingly, “”Then just don’t look into me and ask, for sweetheart you can’t have the cake and eat it too.”

“Okay okay , I understand, and here I am, letting you in, as I take my stand”, I surrendered quickly.

For what we loved about each other, was the understanding we had for the other,

So as I looked in I saw, myself as I am.

“Did you all know I love life, for its frills and thrills, without its bills and dirty chills.”

As I tell you this, the mirror pops up again to say,

“But those come in anyways, with the frills and thrills, did you not know?”

“I don’t want them anyways, do something can’t you?” it was my turn to be exasperated.

” Hey baby, take it or leave it, for they are a package deal.

As I smirked and sneered, I knew it was true, for yesterday on the lunch table eating chole, halwa and puri, with diet coke and ginger ale, I told Riti I’m calling it a day,

For its my weight I have to keep at bay, and as she smiled, I thought I’ll let her in, to another secret waiting to pop out,

So I said, “As a matter of fact it was only the day before, that the sumptuous ice cream jelly made its way, into my interior.”

“Oh, then just know the weight is never going to go away, as it’s host keeps telling it to stay.” she smilingly replied.

Now now, what had I just done? I’d let her on to another of my well cherished secret.

The ball was out, of my court, and as it entered hers, I hoped it would go unnoticed, but it didn’t.

Did I have to give myself away? I said, and she laughed and replied, ” No you didn’t have to”.

I just could keep things to myself, I told myself so,

“That’s just not you, as you want to have the cake and eat it too.” yelled back an antagonised mirror as it continued ,

“It’s enough for you to know you can’t do so, but what you can do is to pause a while, and see what I see.”

This sounded interesting, and curious to see what the mirror saw in me, I paused and paid attention.

It continued, ” Beyond that exterior, is an imperfect you, striving for perfection, and that perfection you are looking for, is just not you.

For you are wild, messy and bold, and when you shirk the real you, and imagine you are someone not you,

you lose out on the essence of your true you, the one you came to grow on.

For believe me baby, you were meant to be you, and not her or him.

The perfect you, is simply the imperfection in you.

“Look at you, through me, and I will reflect what you really are, no pretence ,but the actual you.”

“Here you go, are you ready? my mirror beckoned me to see who I really was.

Mustering up courage I looked into it, and saw a curly haired , round faced, cheerful woman, whose million dollar smile, curves up, to straighten things around.”

Suddenly the smile puckered into a scowl, for a part of me did not like what I just saw.

Then I saw what I never saw till now, and it was clear.

I saw myself through your mirror, and not mine.

Yes, you got it right.

I spent my entire life in comparison and competition, the never ending rat race.

As I smiled, and looked in to the mirror, it smiled back.

I guess you have transformed from the ugly duckling into a swan.

For as you get out of the rat race, you cease to be the ugly duckling, and realise your worth for who you are.

I was just not meant to be you, so striving to be you, only made me an ugly duckling.

Now, as I stopped comparing and competing with the other, I realised I was a beautiful swan.

The mirror laughed and said, ” The ugly duckling just discovered she’s a swan”.

I got this, and decided then and there.

No longer am I going to waste my energies trying to be you, or her or him.

Instead I’m going to do all it takes to give back to this wonderful planet, all that I’ve taken from it during all my long standing years here.

This indeed is a freebie I received just now, and am passing it on to you..

Believe me when I tell you now that as you dig into this freebie, it gets sweeter, as did life get,

For the ugly duckling when it realised it was a swan..

5 thoughts on “The Ugly Duckling…

  1. A real masterpiece once more .. one day you’ll outshine the rest .. Only a pure Soul has such wisdom & worth ..As real as Ganges water .. outstanding .

  2. The never ending rat race…yes, we all do that-comparisons…and forget our own identities somewhere in the dark. God has blessed each one of us with a unique personality and we must recognise & respect it…beautifully written with true to life thoughts & philosophy.👍👏👏👏

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